8 Pretty Smoothie Bowl Recipes to Try This Summer

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8 Pretty Smoothie Bowl Recipes to Try This Summer

Smoothie bowls! They started out as a trend but I really think they are hear to stay.  It’s a smoothie in a bowl with yummy toppings.  If you ask me, this is how they should have been enjoyed all along!  Here are 18 tasty and pretty smoothie bowl recipes to dive into this summer!

#1.) Strawberries N’ Cream

Credit: Buzzfeed

Yes, those are cornflakes! This is the perfect smoothie bowl for breakfast. I know you are drooling looking at it. Go make one now!

#2.) Vegan Berry Crunch

Credit: Domesticate Me

If you’re vegan (like my preschooler) you can enjoy smoothie bowls.  This one is made with banana, kale, berries, almond milk and other goodies.

#3.) 5-Minute Berry 

Credit: Minimalist Baker

How amazing does this look? It’s filled with frozen bananas and frozen berries (which make it super creamy like a milk shake) and other goodies. The Minimalist Baker is one of my favorite food blogs. Check it out!

#4.) Super Green

Credit: Minimalist Baker

You know a green smoothie bowl is gonna make the list. I love green smoothies and drink them almost daily.  They’re so nutritious, super tasty and you can make them in a million different ways.  This recipe uses bananas, avocado, flax and other ingredients. A must try, especially for breakfast.

#5.) Almond Butter Raspberry 

Credit: Buzzfeed

#6.) Green Tea Lime Pie

Credit: Oh She Glows

This bright tasting green matcha smoothie bowl blends all my favorite flavors: green tea, lime, etc. You will appreciate how different this bowl is.

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#7.) Blue Morning

Credit: Nutrition Stripped

This pretty smoothie bowl is filled with nutritious goodies: zucchini, banana, cinnamon, coconut milk and more.  Grab the recipe to make this yourself, right here.

#8.) Antioxidant

Credit: Blissful Basil

Filled with frozen cherries, berries, coconut, pomegranate and yes my mouth is watering writing this.  There’s more ingredients. I could eat this one every day!

Wrap Up

There you go, 8 yummy smoothie bowls with recipes! Do you have a favorite? Share down in below so we can try your find!

8 Pretty Smoothie Bowl Recipes to Try This Summer
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